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Controversy and indignation in Tunisia over the final World Cup squad


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The announcement of the Tunisian national team for its final list that will participate in the World Cup Qatar 2022 sparked a storm of criticism and a torrent of accusations and reactions in football circles, a few days before the start of the participation of the "Carthage Eagles" in the finals for the sixth time in their history and the second in days after the turmoil that resulted from the statements of officials in the Football Association, in the wake of the FIFA memorandum that reached the headquarters of the Federation to request clarifications about the government’s interference in the management of football affairs, the controversy was renewed after revealing the list of players whom coach Jalal Al-Qadri invited to travel to Doha To represent Tunisia in the World Cup, as the reactions in the media and in the vicinity of the Carthage Eagles did not stop at what was described as the chaos in the preparations of the Tunisian national team. And before he played on Wednesday evening, the last preparatory friendly match for the World Cup against Iran, the delegation of the Tunisian team arrived on Monday in Doha, but it left behind a storm of criticism and a wave of anger against the coach of the Eagles, Jalal Al-Qadri, and the head of the Football Association, Wadih Al-Bari, as the main officials responsible for choosing a list The players, as confirmed by most of the local media.

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