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Greetings and a couple questions


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New to this site, but not to the forums. I'm a internals software engineer and have interest in relativity discussions and other physics topics.

My name is Halc, short for Halcyon, and I keep it short to reduce the need of others to refer to me by something shorter, but sometimes I still get called 'Hal' which is sort of Space 2001ish, and completely not what I meant by the name. I'm truly disappointed that 

I actually joined to track somebody posting a link to his pet blog, but it seems (rightly) that everybody is ignoring it.

I see some familiar respectable faces here like infiniteNow.


I've yet to figure out how to add an avatar, or find a description of what all these badges mean. Some are obvious, but some not. The only badges I see on anybody are marked 'rare', which seems self contradictory. Nobody has one of the common badges but it seems pretty effortless to get one of the rare ones.

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better title
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