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Measuring Conscious Mind Experience and Volition


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Let's talk about what the implications will be when Science is finally able to Measure the Conscious Experience (CE) of a Conscious Mind (CM). This is more complicated than it seems because it is anticipated that there will be greater differences between the CEs of different CMs than we think. The problem is that Science will need to directly Produce the exact CEs of one CM in another CM. For example, displaying the Visual CE of CM-A on a Display Screen will do nothing to show CM-B what CM-A is really Experiencing. This is because the front end processing of CM-B will filter the image on the Display into the normal CE of CM-B which can be quite different from the CE of CM-A. So Science will need to discover how to directly Produce CEs in CMs. This will necessitate some instrumentation or processing that does not use Neural Activations but rather uses direct Activation of possibly the Inter Mind (IM) or the CM. Science clearly has no idea how to do this at this point in time.

But what if Science could Measure CEs and Produce CEs as explained above? This will require a complete theoretical understanding of Conscious Space (CSp), CMs, and CEs. Imagine the fantastic Experience of Seeing the Visual CE of some other CM. It might be more Alien than we can imagine. When we can truly Experience the Visual CE of another CM we might begin to understand some of the absolute incomprehensible proclamations of the Philosophical Illusionists. What is it that they Experience that can lead them to proclaim that Consciousness is just an Illusion and does not Exist? I have suspected for a long time that the Philosophical Illusionists have a vastly different kind of Visual Experience than I do. It would be fantastic to find that out!

Also, what if Science could Measure the Conscious Volition (CV) from a CM? Similar to CE, this will require a complete theoretical understanding of CSp, CMs, and CV. This might enable a CM to control Physical things in the Physical World directly from CM desires. There would be no Neural Activation needed because the CV would come directly from a CM.

Imagine a Technology that can convert camera signals directly to a Visual CE. This might allow the Color Blind to See Color! This might allow the Blind to See! There will be no Neural interface needed because this will be a direct to CM process. This Technology might also be applied to all the other Senses with the same implications as for Vision.

There might be an interesting feature of directly Producing the Visual CE into a CM for the inevitable event of the loss of the Physical Mind (PM). Since this direct to CM Production did not use the PM, the CM might still be able to use the Camera to See into the Physical World after Death! If a CV connection is also established, this could be the first step in Connecting a CM to an Artificial Intelligence based Physical Body.

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