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Roof generation , national grid query.


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 I mentioned the below idea to someone and they reckoned it would be too hard to do , due to how the national grid works, so if he is correct what changes should we make to the grid to accommodate such schemes?


I did a google to see how much on average a UK roof could produce from a small turbine and or solar panels, the results differed much obviously, but I settled on that you could get about 500kwh per month from them, I use much less than that per month, -maybe you could check your kwh hour and do your own search to see the average amount of panels or and small garden or roof turbines needed.

Even if the average monthly generation is less then I would be still feeding  back into the grid, but it needs to be a socialist type grid and a system set up on clever smart switches that I can draw off when it is dark or the wind doesn't blow, therefore even no real need for batteries either- even for people who are only going to get less energy than they use it is a win win, especially if they bribed us with panels and turbines , instead of fracking, the money for the fracking rigs is going to have to come via bills so they wont be  free.


If this would work would there be a limit to the amount of households that could use it due to whatever problem is thrown up for the grid? 


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