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Fixing Modern Physics


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I have just pulled together several resources that I have referenced over the past year or so to put together a document that is titled ‘Fixing Modern Physics‘, and published it as an e-book at Smashwords. The process was a lot easier and smoother than expected, and for a reasonably technical document, I have been well pleased with the result.

To view the e-book, first download an e-book read application. I use Turnipsoft’s Freda because it is a free App, has lots of options that all seem to work, and it will automatically speak the text without the need for producing a separate audio-book. You may prefer another e-book reader: I have no vested interest in promoting Freda. Once you have an e-reader application on your device, simply download a free copy of the e-book in the required format, and you are away.

Here is the link to the Smashwords page for the ‘Fixing Modern Physics‘ e-book.

The e-book ‘Fixing Modern Physics‘ provides an overview of various alternative particle Physics theories. It is cross-referenced to other documents so as to keep the delivery lighter than the detail of the source documents. It identifies 26 problems with Modern Physics and suggests solutions; addresses another 10 so-called mysteries of Modern Physics; and links to another 100 or so problems listed by Wikipedia. I am sure some contributors to this forum could identify quite a few more problems to add to the list.

The main advantage of an e-book approach is that is published in a range of formats, and self-formats for different devices and screen sizes. For instance below is an example screen-shot from my desktop computer.


Below is a similar screen shot from an 8” Sanyo tablet: they are remarkably similar, although I prefer a single column portrait-mode setting on the tablet because the graphics are larger.


Another advantage is that you can potentially tap into another audience.

And another advantage is that an e-book reader such as Freda will read the text aloud or via an ear-set. If you suffer from insomnia, I can recommend that you audio-play the ‘Fixing Modern Physics‘ e-book at bed time: I guarantee that the sandman will seal your eyes shut within 10 minutes.

Has anybody else dabbled with e-book publishing? If so, I would be happy to hear about your experience.


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