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Femto photography proves space is medium for light

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I have an exciting new experiment to test for space being the medium for light waves. It is similar to the famous Michelson and Morley experiment.

The experiment utilizes a Femto camera. A Femto camera takes a trillion frames per second and is capable of capturing light in slow motion as it leaves its source. The link below is a video of just that. By pausing the video where light has expanded into s sphere, one can then measure for space 'moving past' just as they did in the M&M experiment. If space is in fact the medium for light one would expect to be able to measure for the slight difference in speed along different directions in a paused image of the Femto camera.

When I measured with a ruler on the screen I did in fact find that light was travelling faster by a few mm per 25 cm in one direction over the other depending on how you want to look at it.

All waves are a denser part of a medium spreading out to a less dense part of that medium, so light is just that and its medium is space.


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