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What is space? a medium of heat


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The medium of space is heat, but the heat always originates from nuclei. The heat that makes the background temperature of the universe comes from a gravity field of a dark black nucleus to the universe. The nucleus of the universe gives space its color and slight background temperature. We probably live in orbit around the stationairy black nucleus of the universe. The nucleus of the atom or of the universe has infinite heat inside from smaller and smaller levels of nuclei. This black heat doesn't escape the nucleus unless perhaps during fusion, but it creates a squeezing force on space and an area around the nucleus of dense/hot space that creates a gravity field. When two gravity fields touch they squeeze on each other the same way the nucleus squeezes on space and the squeezing force pulls the two objects together.

Energy is just hot dense space expanding into colder space. When energy enters the gravity field of the nucleus the free moving energy gets as far into the field until its heat/density equals that of the gravity field. This is a good place I think for the electron shell to exist.

Time dilation occurs when the force of gravity puts pressure on the nucleus of an atom in a large earth like gravity field. The nucleus of an atom in a gravity field will get hotter as its own gravity field is pushed back in on itself. When an object is moving through the universe the same effect happens to the nucleus because each time it moves into new cold space it's heat takes time to expand and gets pressured in on itself. Because the universe is a single infinite background the heat of the nucleus doesn't lose energy when moving.

Movement of an object and heating up of the nucleus through time dilation or other wouldn't effect the small infinite because it is too hot at the next level of atom/universe's to be effected by the heat of the outside universe moving. Coincidentally it is to small of a movement to have much of an effect on any outside universe that would be super cold.

A magnet is like a fan where two fans facing each other would push each other apart just as two north ends of a magnet do. The medium for the magnet is heat and it circulates heat through en enclosed system in a one way direction. The magnet doesn't heat up just like a fan doesn't heat up because of the air it circulates.

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