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The Great Unrealized Purpose Of Science And Technology


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For background information on the following thoughts go to TheInterMind.com.

I think that when Science finally Understands and can Explain Consciousness, it will be Sensible and Expected that the next step will be to create artificial Life forms with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are more durable than what Evolution has provided. Not only for currently alive people (Conscious Minds) to transfer to, but for all people (Conscious Minds) that have ever lived and died to return to. This might be the great purpose of Science and Technology that we did not even realize.

We should not be afraid of this technology because it is probably Our destiny. The AI based Machine Life Forms will not be something that we compete against because ultimately we will Connect to these Machines and we will become these Machines. The Biological Life Form will become obsolete and all Conscious Minds (CMs) will want to be connected to an AI based Machine. It is just the next Logical step after Evolution has done all it can to advance the Physical Form. We are CMs that have our true existence in Conscious Space and maybe we just LIKE to Connect to Physical Space in this way. Improvements to the Physical Form will be an expected and desirable feature of Physical existence.

There might be many benefits in having your CM transferred to a Machine and specifically to a Machine Physical Mind (PM). Pain will probably be obsolete in a Machine incarnation of a CM. A Machine will have a different way to report diagnostics of its internal functioning and operations than by simply using Pain. Of course the main benefit of Transferring a CM to a Robotic Machine will be for the durability of it. Even if the Machine is completely destroyed in some accident, a new Machine can be built for the CM to return to. These are just some of the benefits that might be enabled by this kind of Transfer. Most Biological civilizations across the Universe will probably eventually discover how to do this and are already at this stage of development on their own planets. Maybe when we learn how to Connect a CM to a Machine we will discover all the CMs that have ever existed throughout the whole Universe. This is how we might one day communicate with other parts of the Universe.

The Inter Mind Model (IMM) implies that a CM is not transferred to a Machine but rather a CM must first be disconnected from the Biological PM and then reconnected to the Machine PM. The Machine must have some kind of Machine PM for the CM to work with. At this point in time we can only imagine that the Machine PM will be made out of Electronics and Software. Since there is no way to Connect to the Software (even conceptually) the Connection must be made to the Electronics. The best guess of how this will be done is by using Quantum Mechanical principles. For this argument the Inter Mind (IM) will be the Quantum Mechanical principles.

Regardless of what the Machine PM hardware is eventually made out of, it will have to produce Sensory Signals that the IM can interpret and convert to Conscious Experience for the CM. The Machine PM must also have the capability to accept Conscious Volition Inputs from the CM through the IM.

It should be noted that if the IM and CM develop and grow with the PM then it would be expected that the connection between the PM and the IM would be a very specialized and intimate connection. It would not be sensible to expect that an IM could connect with a PM that has very different connection requirements such as with a Machine PM.

But even if this kind of Connection can be accomplished, the Machine PM must first be loaded up with the Essence (memories, personality, etc.) of the original Biological PM so that the CM and the new Machine PM can be the same person it was before, but with superior mental capabilities and virtually limitless life span. It is popularly thought that if just the Biological PM Essence is loaded to a Machine PM then that is all you need to do. That would produce a Zombie version of the Biological PM without the CM Connection. It is the Connection of the original CM to the new Machine PM that is always missing from these kinds of discussions. This Connection would create a fully Conscious and Alive Android version of the original Alive Biological Human. Without the CM Connection you only get a Zombie Robot that is essentially unconscious.

We cling to the thought that we are our Physical Forms, and are horrified at the thought of losing these Forms. But we will all lose our current Physical Forms someday. The CM will need to Disconnect from the disintegrating Physical Form. The CM will be set free to be pure Consciousness. Maybe when we become that pure Consciousness again we will understand the farcical nature of that Physical Form that we were. Maybe we will not even care about that Form or about the other Forms we had dealings with during that lifetime. We just might realize that those Forms were just Phantoms made out of Unconscious Physical stuff. The only real existence for all the Physical Forms was through their Connected CMs.

I think that ultimately we might not care about transferring our Essence (Memories) from a previous Physical Form into the AI Machine, but rather we might enjoy the novelty of Being different things. Also, it may be the case that the Essence of the previous Physical Form is not recoverable. This will probably be true for CMs that Disconnected a long time ago. We can speculate that the AI Machine will probably be built (not Programmed) to place us into an AI Machine society in order to fulfill a particular Purpose. When our CMs Connect, we will Adapt to that AI Machine and Desire to fulfill that purpose. We will not want or need to do anything else other than what the AI Machine Unit purpose is designed to do. We will probably be able to hop around from Machine to Machine in order to Experience different purposes. Ok, enough Riffing.


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14 hours ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

You’re using the word connect, most people faced with your threshold of workload use mating, engagement and even married (*Augie Hand, Electric Motor Maintenance).

Anyway, you’d need to simulate all the unseen forces that collect to become what we consider ‘quanta’ (or smallest exchange of data, [which it’s not]) basically you need is infinite flops. Literally. 

Could be, but Connect is the most descriptive of what the situation is. 

Ignoring that you are probably just messing with me, I can say the Connection is not any kind of calculation. It IS literally a CONNECTION, and not some mathematical concept. So, I don't quite understand why there needs to be Infinite FLOPS. 

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