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Burning 3 Billion Dollars In Trade Secrets In Front Of A Poor Millionaire


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Well, I want to talk about a situation basically some poor dude with only 1 million dollars tried to steal my trade secrets, he wanted to make 3 billion dollars off of the trade secrets by selling them to companies which is the estimated value put forward by his lawyers of my trade secrets. This man told 40 lawyers that he would pay them my trade secrets for doing services for him and since the court system doesn't work along with the patent laws broken in the United States, I decided to do something kind of weird about it. I decided that I would send in all the patent applications to the USPTO and have them abandoned after 60 days making them freeware thus making them worthless, which makes it impossible to patent the trade secrets anymore after that. I called IC3.gov about being hacked along with the trade secrets being stolen and they did nothing about him stealing trade secrets which is normally a 15 year prison sentence with a $250,000 to 5 million dollar fine per trade secret. In short, I destroyed 3 billion dollars in trade secrets in front of him and it is about sending a message to him about that I won't let him have a dime of my money, I would rather burn 3 billion dollars than let a thief have it. I think those lawyers will eat him alive once they realize they won't get paid for the services they provided for him and he would be in court for owing those lawyers those trade secrets which he can't get anymore(Scorched earth - Wikipedia).


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