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Building A Supermassive Black Hole Dyson Sphere Continued

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This is about the construction of a Dyson's sphere around the Super-massive Black hole in the middle of the galaxy located Sagittarius A. The original work about dyson's sphere was done around stars being that it is 2019 I would like to step it up a level and construct this device around Sagittarius A, thus it will take some time to explain all the details I don't imagine this will be a one post thread. First I will start with the original video about the Death Star but this will be much more detailed outlining the finer details of every piece required much like the spaceship thread(http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/34451-building-a-spaceship-that-can-travel-out-of-the-solar-system/) the major parts will be answered completely for building this mega-structure.


First to put this device into perspective you must understand the Kardashev scale(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale), this Super Massive Black Hole Death Star would likely be the crowning achievement of a Type III civilization(https://futurism.com/the-kardashev-scale-of-civilization-types). When I tell you the manufacturing methods for such a feat are not a even close to the level required to complete this project I really mean it, the human civilization will not probably be a type III civilization for ten thousand or one hundred thousand years, but as technology follows the same basic principals of physics that are known, we can find ways to design such a object, thus this will be a exploration into what would be required for such a feat of engineering and how to achieve control over our Galaxy's Super-massive Black hole. 


First I would suggest a Survey of the stars surrounding and within Sgr A after travel to the Sgr A area in a faster than light traveling spacecraft.

The key to this that you are both missing is Black holes can be used to create a Relativistic jet after plasma is put around the black hole especially super-massive black holes do this when they consume mass, I am trying to make another instrument of destruction. However, Exchemist is correct I was going to harness hawking radiation to power the actual structure , The point is it has never been done before theoretically thus I must create this Dyson's sphere death star. You would be surprised  how much energy an actual (4.31±0.38)× 10^6 M☉  or ‭8.5703057‬ x 10^36 kg Super massive black hole radiates in energy as hawking radiation even if it is a few Yottawatts that is still more energy that we have ever been able to create on earth in our species's history in a second even considering Fusion Power and Fission Power being that for 2013, estimated world energy consumption was 5.67 × 10^20 joules then consider we maybe have created that much for 60 years and you come to less than 1% of the energy this would put out in a second is how much our civilization has used thus far in its entire history, but I haven't done the math exactly yet but I will. Then there is the point that if you built this structure you would have a literal infinite source of energy from any mass in the cosmos for trillions of years sustaining that energy level of a few yottawatts for that long even after the stars burn dry, but I would consider that, that estimate of a few yottawatts is incorrect as I have not done that calculation yet for super-massive black hole luminosity.

First to begin with is the hawking radiation collection grid which can just be solar panels around the internal area of the Dyson's sphere which this technology is well known but hawking radiation is just light. The Luminosity and Energy produced by a Black hole follows the equation below.

which makes the Luminosity in hawking radiation of Sgr A , L or (Watts)  = ‭1.7494342699889852561152624123067*10^-39‬  J/s , which is much less than I would have thought but it so happens that larger black hole actually has less hawking radiation escape it. So, the Idea of gathering energy from the black hole via hawking radiation is senseless, making collecting the hawking radiation to power the structure pointless, which is why the design doesn't actually have this component, we must harness the gravity of the super-massive black hole that is where all the energy is stored. So, Flummoxed was actually correct about the hawking radiation release being less than spectacular. This is why the Relativistic jet must be harnessed in large black holes. I suppose it was a incorrect assumption that hawking radiation would be a large producer of energy in super-massive black holes unlike smaller ones. In contrasts to the relativistic jet which is Trillion-Billion yottawatts which is where the real energy is gained from a super-massive black hole being E = 1/2 M ω^2 which translates to ESMBH Jet = 1/2 MPlasma .7CRotational Velocity^2 , let's say you put a star around a Super-massive black hole of 1M☉  then the energy sling shot total would be  E = ‭6.26535 *10^46‬ J , putting out 62 Yotta-Zetta Joules Total over the Jet's lifetime after consuming a star, after having tapped into the rotation of one of these Super-massive black holes, which is why Super-massive black hole make the perfect death star laser emitter. This amount of energy would easily Helium Flash a star or destroy a planet which the next video explains which shows the awesome power of a Super-Massive Black hole reactor, unlike the hawking radiation which is so small it is not measurable the power is in the gravity of the super massive black hole, the Super-massive black hole reactor can easily react the entire mass of a star within days, for trillions of years without exhausting its energy source by hawking radiation meaning in terms of watts the devices produces around ‭7.1759259 * 10^41  Watts or 717 Yotta-Peta Watts if it takes days to cannibalize a star of 1M☉.

The next thing you must realize is the Relativistic jet only will fire from the rotational poles of the super massive black hole, thus you must turn the Super Massive black hole of (4.31±0.38)× 10^6M☉ or 8.5703057‬ x 10^36 kg on its axis to target the location you want to destroy such as a star or planet, now Super Massive black holes have a very strong magnetic field due to the rotational velocity of the super-massive black hole, thus to internal layer of this device is suggested to be Iron Superconductors which per meter emit a magnetic field of 110 Teslas, the thickness of such a superconducting torus would be determined by the strength of the magnetic field, Now if we were to cover the entire internal surface of the black hole which has a 13.67 million mi Radius, then that would make a magnetic field strength of ‭1.47106304494591498906604784832*10^34‬  Teslas of a ‭2.347073384‬ billion miles Squared Iron superconductor sphere 1 meter thick. If the Strength of the Sgr A's magnetic field was merely 1 Tesla then this would exert of force of  ‭1.47106304494591498906604784832*10^34‬  Newtons easily turning the black hole on its axis in days, so the maximum alignment time of the relativistic jet is a couple of days before fire. The Direction of alignment could be changed by changing the direction of current flow from Left to Right or Right to Left through the superconducting sphere.

The Next part of this device is the outer shell, the outer shell will be composed of another nano-material carbon nano-tubes the strength of carbon nano-tubes is 50x that of steel it has been theorized that carbon nano-tubes can survive nuclear blasts due to their high tensile strength the strong carbon on carbon bonds of the nano-tube are perfect for what is needed to give structural reinforcement it should be layered to keep the Dyson's sphere stable and nano-fabricated on the molecular level to create strings like a carbon nano-tube yarn.

These strong Carbon nano-tube yarn will be woven into a sort of Carbon Nano-tube fabric plate like Kevlar. 

 The it will be layered into a composite material with Tungsten Carbide being a layer of Tungsten Carbide then a Carbon Nano-tube Fabric Plate which is commonly used with other materials in the Aerospace industry, this composite will have a far superior tensile strength. The composite material should be Compressed together until the plates reach a very high density to literally thermal fuse the materials together if possible they should be fused in to density equal to that of a neutron star but this is not required just a very high pressure must be applied in the billions to trillions of pascals, this should literally merge the Tungsten Carbide and Carbon Nano-tube composite into a highly dense composite material which is indestructible which if merged in a neutron star's pressure would have similar properties to neutronium(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutronium).


Then the outer shell of the Dyson's sphere should be constructed of this Hyper Compressed Composite making a 3-d shell of the device, which Tungsten Carbide has Young's modulus of approximately 530–700 GPa while Carbon Nanotubes of  tensile strength of 63 GPa, compressed at 100 TPa would make a material with ‭302 layers per meter making a tensile strength of ‭99,962‬ GPa per meter^2 when thermal fused or if inside a neutron star's pressure much higher layer amount which could be as high as ‭99,962,000,000,000,000‬ GPa per meter^2 with 302,000,000,000,000,000 layers per meter making this a Super Tensile Solid being merged at the atomic level.

These materials being able to survive a nuclear explosion with ease, which isn't their goal their goal is survive a black hole's gravity, a hard test maybe to see if it actually survives a thermonuclear blast.

Another way to actually forge the material could be to actually drop the material into a neutron star itself to compress it to the density required turning the neutron star into a forge for this composite, or nuclear weapons could be detonated around the composite to fuse it.


Next is mining the materials I would suggest a Swarm of Space faring Nano-machines or breaking out your mining vessels and strip mining nebula,asteroids, and planets, there will be much mining needed to be done for materials such as Tungsten, Carbon, Iron, and Etc. 

Mining Method 1: Nano-apocalypse planets and asteroids with Space Grey Goo Nanobots.


Mining Method 2: Break out your mining vessels to strip mine planets and such, EVE Online can give insight to this method.


This Finishes my Thread, everything else can be built however you would like for the SMBH Dyson's sphere. These basic steps make a fully functional and operational battle station.

Okay, so the other people that did a paper about a Supermassive Black Hole Dyson Sphere said that you would need to build it at 150 AU for a complete shell of Carbon Nanotube Thread at that distance using the Radius to surface area equation of a sphere for a entire shell 150 microns in thickness would cost $948,694,982,400,000,000,000,000,000,000 at current prices for carbon nanotube yarn at $150 per meter @ 150 microns thickness then at 1 meter thickness of the Supermassive Black Hole Dyson Sphere it would cost $6.324633216*10^33. It was discovered in the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/38526-spinning-carbon-nanotube-fibers-into-thread-video/) thread that one of the materials needed for the Tungsten Carbide-Carbon Nanotube Fabric Composite in this thread could be purchased.

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