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Question re: Novel expansion and contraction universe hypothesis (crackpot theory)

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20 hours ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

That’s probably an easier sale though. I need to do those proof of concept things and then whatever I earn on a patent is up for jipped the way things are I really just need help being hired as an engineer student if any of what I show catches their eye then when I show I’m hirable I can bypass a degree and instead of relying on a patent company I get paid either way. That’s my terms of full service regarding the products!

Oh yes that's right! It is indeed a very easy thing to sell. I think the primary rule of marketing is to first choose a product that is easy to sell, making the job of the marketing of it less cumbersome and far cheaper. Here though it need not be any trade secret, and I don't think that any patent is required to manufacture wax paper, as it has been in existence for a very long time, in fact predating plastic packaging by a great number of years.

I have another physics question for you. I am still trying to get my science fiction chapter concerning the formation and evolution of the universe just right, and so am still researching it. I came across this quote from Wikipedia, regarding ‘Feynman Diagrams’ of theoretical physics:

"Feynman used Ernst Stueckelberg's interpretation of the positron as if it were an electron moving backward in time. Thus, antiparticles are represented as moving backward along the time axis in Feynman diagrams."

Is this description just referring to the antiparticles as analogous to moving back through time simply for the sake of argument? Or literally moving back in time? It’s difficult for me to tell for sure. Quantum physics is even harder for me understand than regular physics.

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