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Tipler Cylinders And The Temporal Paradox Device


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The Application of Tipler Cylinders is the Temporal Paradox Device, a device that allows the formation of temporal paradoxes by allowing reverse time travel. First we must understand what a Tipler Cylinder which is basically a fast rotating object which warp time to where under General and Special Relativity the null cones point into the past therefore making objects move into the past. The Properties of a Tipler Cylinder is Rotation, Mass, and Infinite Length which are three properties that will be addressed in this thread to make the Temporal Paradox Device.

Another lesson we must understand is anything traveling faster than the speed of light in its frame will be tachyonic and travel backward in time as you approach the speed of light time speeds  up and approaches infinity meaning if you are moving faster than the speed of light you are moving a negative time value. Put a number higher than the speed of light into Einstein's equations such as special relativity that will yield a negative value being i times some value of dt'.

The next lesson that must be learned is in general relativity gravitational fields can also cause time dilation in space, a strong gravitational field will warp space and as you pass through it accelerate a object giving it kinetic energy thus speeding up its time frame. This also applies to space a strong gravitational field will make space experience more time if the gravitational field's strength yields a velocity of the speed of light or above the actual object will become tachyonic or infinite for the amount of time passing this happens around black holes beyond the Schwarzschild radius. 

Next we must understand larger black holes such as super massive black holes spin they have a rotation which is considered to be a Kerr black hole some of them rotate at very fast speeds near the speed of light. This has been observed by telescopes of black holes fast rotation the faster they rotate the more warped their shape is in the direction of the rotation.

By Increasing their rate of rotation the black hole can be formed into a disc this achieved by applying some force in the direction of rotation as the mass begins to concentrate around the edges of the black hole in a torus shape in the toroidal direction.

Once this is achieved spin must happen in the poloidal direction to a very high rotation of trillions of rotations per second achieving a warping of the time cones to a sideways direction creating a Tipler Cylinder along the poloidal direction of the black hole disc, beyond the event horizon of the black hole disc the length is infinite as length contraction has happened to make dx' = 0 achieving the infinite length of the Tipler cylinder.

Moving around the poloidal direction of the Black Hole disc now turned into a Temporal Paradox Device/Tipler Disc will allow reverse time travel under these conditions as closed time like curves have been created by these conditions around the disc by the mass, rotation, and infinite length of the rotating black hole disc.

This all creating a Temporal Paradox Device that has closed timelike curves along its poloidal direction which can be used for reverse time travel.

The Effects of General and Special relativity could not be infinite or zero as discussed in the (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/is-the-planck-length-the-smallest-length-possible.999993/) thread, which could be a mathematical artifact of relativity as pointed out and discussed by the members of the (https://www.physicsforums.com/) forums, however it is unclear whether a infinite length would be required for a Tipler Cylinder or  if space is infinitely divisible such that special relativity claims is possible in frames, either way this design should work in some fashion or another whether a finite or infinite length is required for CTC into the past.

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On 8/29/2022 at 8:16 PM, JeffreysTubes8 said:

This is completely unsubstantiated. There's no reason to believe that time travel works this way. If you look at it a certain way, time is always running backwards and forwards simultaneously, we only experience one direction perceptually but physically it's going both ways that's how particles that will never meet again can be entangled. 

It is indeed possible under the proper conditions, link = 1612.08599.pdf (arxiv.org) and Experimental simulation of closed timelike curves | Nature Communications

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21 hours ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

Just because an object inside a black hole may rotate ftl, does not mean it experiences a flip the course of time. Conversely, just because entanglement acts upon particles simultaneously, does not mean it is using an ftl communication route. 

I don't know about that, Link = Chinese Physicists Measure Speed of Quantum Entanglement (futurism.com)

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