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The Totalitarian Nightmare!


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Gradually this world is becoming a totalitarian nightmare, what I mean by this those in power have stripped much of the power from the people. On one hand, You have Russia, China, and North Korea all of which have dictators or highly oppressive governments that have stripped all civil liberties from their citizens able to do anything they want to them. The other choice is the West which have been bribed by money they will allow anything to happen to line their pockets, having a shadow government ruled by the wealthy. Next you have the religious dictators of Iran and several other places that consider themselves as "God" able to carry out the divine will corrupted to whatever they would like to happen. Lastly, you have the warlords of Africa that would kill anyone to stay in power over their small piece of autocracy. I suppose this shows the nature of what has happened to this planet and how it has become to Totalitarian Nightmare maybe there should be something else where the people have the authority. There needs to be a supreme crackdown on corruption!


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