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Building A Spaceship That Can Travel Out Of The Solar System

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I have decided I am going to build a spaceship on this forum like my Space ship in EVE(Video Game), but in real life. The Paladin Class Battleship which I am going to design based on the laws of physics. Give me Several weeks and I will have the ship designed and space worthy, there will be updates on the design of the spaceship just like the Retroviral Engineering Thread and Nano-machine Thread. Someday, I hope to construct this in real life and leave this world...... Forever destine for the Stars. I once designed a spaceship class, the TARDIS class battleship on Facebook.com, so I have some experience at Spacecraft design just wait.

Part I: The Carbon Fusion Reactor Core

This Spacecraft will be powered by a Carbon fusion reactor which burns at 4 billion kelvin which is a anti-matter producing reaction along with much energy being the CNO cycle. This reactor will produce around 500 Megawatts to 5 gigawatts of energy which will later be used for the Thrusters, Plasma Beam Laser weapons, and Warp Core powering these systems along with giving power to all the systems on the ship but most the the energy will be burned by those three systems.

Carbon Fusion Core

This reactor will intake elemental hydrogen 4 atoms per cycle converting in into Gamma Radiation, Positrons, and Temperature heating the plasma within the Torodial Fusion core to generate 5 Gigawatts that would require around .004 grams of hydrogen into the core per second to burn into energy to sustain the infinitely looping CNO Reaction which is like the Thorium cycle but the CNO cycle only requires elemental hydrogen to sustain. Multiple of the Carbon Fusion reactors may be used depending on the later energy demands on the core which is around 10 meters cubed per reactor core.

Part II: The Backup Thorium Fission Reactor Core And Plutonium Refinery

Secondly, the next part of this battleship will be the thorium fission reactor core which is around 50 megawatts which is another infinite looping reaction which will help power systems and supplement the Carbon Fusion reactor as a backup reactor core, this will have a secondary usage which is to refine Uranium 238 to Plutonium 239 which is weapons grade material to construct Hydrogen bombs on the fly as the ship is moving through space by feeding neutron radiation from the Thorium reactor into the Uranium 238 which is 99.3% of uranium in the universe which can easily be converted into Plutonium 239.

Plutonium Refinery (Breeder Reactor) , All that is needed is rods of U238 to be inserted into the thorium reactor to absorb neutron radiation to transform it into weapons grade material for the ICBM weapons system warhead production.

You didn't think this would be a cruise ship, this is a battleship, of course, it will be equipped with nuclear missiles to launch at your enemies which need a way to be produced in space in an armory bay of the ship production of nuclear missiles will happen from base materials such as the Plutonium 239 produced in the reactor.

Part III: Hull, Carbon-Teflon Nano-tube composites

It is a well known fact that the ship will need a hull that can withstand both Thermal and Sheer Stress for the ship to survive in space. This will require a new nano-material, which I call Carbon-Teflon Nano-tubes which is basically carbon nano tubes filled with liquid Teflon which then hardens which will be a material bonded directly on the Nano-scale making a new nano-material. It is a well known fact that Carbon Nano-tubes are 50x stronger than steel which will act as a skeleton for the Teflon which will surround the carbon nano-tubes. The idea for this was taken from the viking material Damascus steel which contain Carbon Nano-tubes surrounded by steel which is one of the strongest materials that one can make a sword from being both flexible and durable. The process is simple take a large concentration of Carbon nano-tubes then submerge the nano-tubes in liquid Teflon and allow the composite to form. The mix should be about 3/4th Carbon Nano-tube and 1/4 Teflon being both a Strong Material about 50x stronger than steel and thermally stable material, which will compose the Hull of the ship which will be 1 meter thick which should be able to easily survive the void of space and impacts from space dust.

Part: IV Plasma Thrusters and Reactor Cooling System

I was going to do this part later but now I am going to do it because of GAHD's questions about cooling of reactors and why I wouldn't use Betavoltiacs. The Heat of the reactor cores will be used from the reactors for Plasma jet thrusters which will propel the spacecraft which will not use chemical methods but nuclear. The Gas laws say that as materials are heated they increase in pressure the heat from the reactors being contained in waste water and Helium 4 will be pushed out the back of the spacecraft using the plasma like the exhaust of a rocket, The Plasma will be confined by electromagnetic fields as it exits the reactors much like the reactor core and pushed into the thrusters where super-heated water and helium 4 will push the spacecraft forward exiting the spacecraft keeping the reactor cores from melting down, which is why a cooling tower and helium 4 exhaust system are fine in this spacecraft as this plasma will be exiting with its heat as the pressure of the exit will push the spacecraft forward, which could in theory you could channel as much thrust as you wanted as the waste products of the electric generation are being used for the propulation system easily able to achieve speed up to 99% the speed of light. All, you would need to do is overburn the reactors by putting more thorium or hydrogen into the reactors to accelerate faster, which by overburning generates more heat to bleed into thrust.

The Highlight of a couple months ago was the fact that Negative Mass Particles could be generated which make Warp Drive possible meaning that faster than light travel could be done. We will need a unit to generate negative mass particle to mix in with the plasma for the thrusters to expand the space behind the ship as we contract it by using energy-mass to accelerate the ship via the Plasma Thruster system giving the plasma a effective mass of zero or negative while accelerating the ship. This Warp Core will convert electrical energy using lasers to generate negative mass particles such as was done in early 2018 these particles will then be mixed in with the plasma exhaust to actually give the exhaust a net negative mass generating a expansion of space behind the ship as it accelerates, which will consume a great deal of the carbon fusion reactor's electric energy by generation of the "Negative Particles". By manipulation of the space behind the ship via expansion, this should allow local violation of the light barrier allowing for speeds greater than the speed of light as this will cause space to expand behind the ship causing a warping of space causing the space itself to move, The ship relative to its own frame will not be traveling faster than light but to an observer faster than light travel will be happening as when you view red-shifted particles, they seem to be moving faster than light, by Dark Energy but this is done synthetically to red shift the space itself allowing faster than light travel, relativity never intended for the cosmological constant to be used like this but, it allows for an second acceleration that of space not only does the ship move itself which is less than C, the space is getting larger behind the ship changing its structure making faster than light movement greater than C to an observer's frame.

Warp Core for Negative mass particle generation


The Speed that you will be traveling will be determined by the speed the spacecraft is traveling like for instance .99C then the amount that the mass is shifted for instance, if the mass was -5 times the normal mass of the particle then the simple equation ((|Mnegative| - Mrest)/Mrest)(Vo) = ΔVobserver making the velocity at Mnegative = -5Mrest then ΔVobserver = 3.96C , if Vo = .99C, by mixing the Negative mass particles into the exhaust this will give the space behind the ship a tachyonic mass meaning expansion much like Dark Energy's effect on space.

This is made possible my manipulation of the space's cosmological constant which is the expansion of space itself, which in EFE opposes curvature, The Premise is that if you change the expansion of space by a factor of an amount, the speed of light in that area of space will change by the same amount.

The curvature of space can only in normal space with a set cosmological constant can only travel at C but in space with an increase expansion rate it is unfixed in that region of space-time thus you wouldn't be violating the speed of light of that volume of space but rather the space around it, as the cosmological constant becomes unfixed so does the speed of light, which require Negative Mass to change the cosmological constant in a region of space-time. If Tab is the source of curvature or compression of space-time then Λ is the source of Expansion, which the speed of light limit is a sort of compression as movement causes curvature, to travel faster than light the curvature must be balanced with expansion in a Einstein Field, if the curvature is negative then travel faster than light is allowed in the local region of space-time as the speed of light would be of a higher velocity in that region being more compression allowed with the higher expansion rate, otherwise Einstein's field equations do not balance. As 8πTab - gabΛ = 0 , as Λ goes to a higher number thus Tab goes to a higher number allowing more compression. Tab contains S/C which C being the speed of light more S/C is a result of increased Λ.

Ya, GAHD there could be some seriously high energy Cherenkov radiation coming off of the warp Plasma's Thrusters, it would need to be tested which could be in the gamma spectrum.

The best thing is this battleship is armed with multiple nuclear warheads like a nuclear submarine just target and fire to destroy stuff.

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