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Methods Of Biological Immortality 2019


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I have found a way to make yourself biological immortal but it will be expensive at 12 cents a base pair, the human genome is 3.2 billion base pairs theoretically you could construct your entire genome in plasmids there would be 1,066,667 plasmids if each plasmid contained one gene which the average length of a gene is 3000 bp. If you constructed your entire genome within Retroviral Vectors it would cost 448 million dollars per person, then you would have a active vector containing each one of your genes that are undamaged then you could use this synthetic DNA template to reintegrate DNA as it mutated keeping you alive forever. This is with current day technology that biological immortality could be achieved then like the storing your DNA method, you could live forever without end as long as the Viral Vectors were kept away from things like radiation always having a perfect set of your own synthetic DNA awaiting to be transferred into your body at a moment's notice as any gene is damaged via mutation. This would reverse and permanently stop the aging process your cells always being in perfect health via genetic immortality being able to produce every protein without natural mutation being a genetic code that doesn't change over time. You could live to be a million-million years old and never age a bit as the genetic code could always code for the proper proteins like a 18 year old. I dub this new method "Genetic Reconstruction, Immortality" and put a price tag of 600 million dollars on the gene therapy per treatment which will make you never die via aging.



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