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Threadripper Supercomputer and Black Hole Dyson Sphere Matrioshka Brain


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This is a build list using the threadripper with 64 cores that fully utilizes the chip for 2021.





Well, the Machine that is in this thread is 92 teraflops, I dunno if you could push a desktop much further than that with current technology, So basically if you took 1 million of these machines and turned them into a actual Supercomputer it would be 92 Exaflops, but that would take a entire large building along with costing 11,000$ x 1 million = 11 Billion Dollars, so float me a check for 15 Billion dollars and I'll build you the actual Supercomputer version, though I think AMD and ASUS would flip their **** to know I wanted 1 million of their CPUs and 2 million of their graphics cards.



If you filled the Entire Sag A Black Hole Dyson Sphere volume being 43,135,525,556,959,538,201,851 Meters cubed with these computers assuming each individual machine is 1 meter cubed. It would make a Matrioshka brain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrioshka_brain) with 3,968,468,351,240,277,514.5703631865594 Exaflops of power which would be enough computing power to store and process the consciousness and mind of every living human on the planet and all through out history since the dawn of man.

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