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What Does The Fossil Record Really Show?


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On this forum, a YouTube video is shared about the fossils and what information they give to the interpreter of the fossils. The expert describes what information they get when they get a fossil record and how they represent the information about the fossils. 
The expert also highlights how Darwin was wrong on so many levels; he explains that Darwin's points on the sudden appearance of the fossils were conflicting because now we know that it takes time to develop the fossils in layers and layers of the record to preserve and save the details. 
Specific points matched Darwin's theory that presented the fossils and explained the layers of the fossils preserved. The layers he explained were developed steadily over time; this point did conflict with his original theory, where the layers of the fossils grew exponentially.
The layers of the fossils develop from the less complex to the complex layers. The taxonomy of the layers generally starts from the first layer closer to the surface and ends with the depth and the complexity of the layers. 

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