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Hi Everyone:

I'm "new" to SF ... well, sort of ... you see I've been banned several times for god knows what-all?

The third or fourth time ... I only posted once .. .a sciencey question .... completely non-trolling. And I got an email saying I was banned.

I see that SF's Alexa (traffic) rating is ONLY 1,700,00.00. That's 1.7 x 10^6 in SCIENTIFIC NOTATION. And that is a pathetically low number, Basically, it means that SF is UN-VISITED and pretty much does not appear in any important Google SERP (I'll let you look up SERP since y'all are the researching type). And that means no Ad revenue or donations or Pateron $$. I think I can help. But I can't do that if you keep banning every TOM, DICK, and HARRY that attempts to create an account. So your choice.

Oh: my prev screen-names were: 13mh13, invasive-feces, and invasive_feces-. You can look those up and see my output.

Thank you and ...


- moi

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