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What exactly is VMware and how does it function?


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VMware, a provider of cloud computing and virtualization software, is located in Palo Alto (Calif.). VMware, a subsidiary Dell Technologies, was founded in 1998. EMC Corporation acquired VMware in 2004. Dell Technologies later bought EMC in 2016. VMware's virtualization technologies are based on its bare-metal hypervisor, ESX/ESI in x86 architecture.
VMware server virtualization allows multiple virtual machines (VMs), to be run on the same physical machine by installing a hypervisor on the server. Each VM can run its operating system (OS), so multiple OSes are possible on one physical server. All VMs running on the same physical server share the same resources such as RAM and networking. VMware has added support for containerized workloads in Kubernetes clusters to its hypervisor in 2019. Infrastructure teams can manage these types of workloads in the same manner as virtual machines. DevOps teams are able to deploy containers the same way they used to.
VMware was founded by Scott Devine and Mendel Rosenblum. Edward Wang, Edouard Bugnion, and Diane Greene. The company launched its first product, VMware Workstation, in 1999. In 2001, VMware ESX was released.
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