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Top 5 Time Travel Movies : All Science Fiction Lovers Should Watch


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I liked the movie The Matrix of Time. What the movie is about: High school student Samantha Kingston had great friends, a good boyfriend and a perfect life. But for some unknown reason, she found herself in a time loop: no matter what she did, the girl lives the same day, ending in a car accident in which Samantha dies. How do I stop this?

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It's been a very long time but i want to say, time travel movies always offer such intriguing concepts! While I'm more into reading myself, I can't deny the appeal of exploring different time-travel narratives. Have you checked out what's in theaters lately? There might be some captivating stories waiting to be discovered on the big screen!

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Time travel has always fascinated me as a concept but in recent years the best time travel stories are coming out of streaming services or TV. One of my favs is "Outlander" and other good ones are "Timeless" , "Terranova" , "Primeval" ,  "Continuum" ,  and my current all time fav "Travelers" ! All of them have different concepts for the time travel from straight up magic to various technologies to natural occurrences. Plots range from accidental to intentional Time changes to trying desperately not to change the time stream to doing everything they can to change to the time flow. Time travel makes for some interesting plot twists that can occur in no other genre!

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