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When you take mental health days off from work, what do you do?


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We all need a mental health day for real. Being in the phones for 8 hrs a day listening to angry folks day after day can be a killer (especially since I handle escalated calls). I’m on my “mental health” break right now lol aka vacation.

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i have taken a mental health day for nearly 21 years now , because of my mental health i can't work due to it and i need care from my partner and my support workers , i have yet to be able to go out on my own  , i haven't for years, and it  will feel strange for me to be able to do so , i am working on get on the bus for a long trip without taking panic attack / Meltdown , going to museum  about the first and second world war and how people managed and talking to people who lived it ( mostly second world war  ) 

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