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Debt Slavery In Modern Society


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Does it ever seem like you work for other's benefits that all your money is promised away before you work to gain it? In Modern society in the 1st world countries it seems like we have evolved a sort of "Need" to constantly gain money to pay bills and other expenses I imagine it wasn't always this way. It seems as if the rich have these tricks to make money off of the poor such as things as Interest to buy a house is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a car is in the thousands of dollars, do these modern requirements in 1st world countries bind us to always be in debt? It seems that all the requirements to live in a 1st world country cause debt bondage or debt slavery, do financial intuitions really own our property and work in all honesty? Do we just work to pay these financial intuitions money for things that are required in modern society such as a house or car so they can gain interest from the requirement of buying such things? Even a more damning subject is that we are required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to gain more money to in the form of becoming a better servant to companies via college and trade schools to which gains the person debt to gain more money in the long term promising our money for a better way to make money in the form of a better paying job, to even gain a decent amount of money to pay debts requires debt. If these qualifications are correct then we could be "Debt Slaves" in modern society, when do the requirements of living enter us into bondage to work for free to pay others our work in the form of money is that the modern way of living? 


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Its called Wage Slavery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wage_slavery

In 1763, the French journalist Simon Linguet published an influential description of wage slavery:[13]

The slave was precious to his master because of the money he had cost him ... They were worth at least as much as they could be sold for in the market ... It is the impossibility of living by any other means that compels our farm labourers to till the soil whose fruits they will not eat and our masons to construct buildings in which they will not live ... It is want that compels them to go down on their knees to the rich man in order to get from him permission to enrich him ... what effective gain [has] the suppression of slavery brought [him ?] He is free, you say. Ah! That is his misfortune ... These men ... [have] the most terrible, the most imperious of masters, that is, need. ... They must therefore find someone to hire them, or die of hunger. Is that to be free?

The earliest currency was minted around 600BC https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businessclub/money/11174013/The-history-of-money-from-barter-to-bitcoin.html

Alexander the great also minted his own money, 



With enough money to live without engaging in work/trade of some description, life can easily be a long holiday. So why do the super rich work to get richer, is this some inherent form of greed, or are they being nice to people by lending money to wage slaves with interest.

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