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The Secret Technologies Of Toshiba And Metric Tensor Riemann.


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     The SECRET technologies of Toshiba and metric tensor Riemann.

The METRIC TENSOR of the RIEMANN -- in technology.
The main novelty of Toshiba LCD TV platform is the algorithm of "magic square". Smooth gray scale transmission requires 1024 gradations provided by a 10-bit conversion. However, the LCD panels use only 8-bit conversion, which provides a total of 256 shades of gray. To increase the gradations in the panels Toshiba uses the principle of temporal modulation of illumination of pixels.
The idea is based on the ability of the human eye to integrally assess the sequence of short flashes of light. If at first the eye sees four flashes of one or a group of pixels, then two and finally one, then it perceives them not separately, but as a change in the brightness of the source. The decrease in the number of pulses by half leading to an apparent two-fold decrease in brightness. Increasing the gradation of the gray scale with this algorithm is due to the increase or decrease in the time of illumination of pixels.
The so-called "magic square" forms a group of 16 pixels (a 4 by 4 square) in which the same number of different pixels horizontally, vertically and diagonally are lit at each time (at 1/60 s intervals for NTSC). Thanks to the time modulation of the luminescence of each pixel in this square, the algorithm allows you to quadruple the number of gradations, raising their number from eight-bit 256 to ten-bit 1024. It should also be noted that the increase to 1024 gradations occurs for each of the primary colors (red, blue and green), which gives a total of more than 1.07 million colors and shades. This ensures smooth color transitions, thus completely eliminating visible borders on the large plain fields of the image.

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