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Blu-Ray Lithography Question

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Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to make Micro-factories that are 100 μm with a Blu-ray Burner, I happen to have many Blu-ray burners for computers and know the resolution is around .48 μm or 480 nm for a Blu-ray Burner, is there any way to free draw with a blu-ray burner which has ways to adjust the intensity of the laser or time on each point of the substance?






With a 480 nm laser you can write ‭9,042,245 lines on a 100 μm object that is 3-D, if it were 1 nm then it would be ‭1,000,000,000,000,000‬ lines on a 100 μm 3-D object.

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Sure. Build a properly gear-reduced CNC rig to do the macro movements, rely on the "burner" head's own internals for the nano adjustments (assuming you can program  a microcontroller to operate them properly) and shave away at anything the beam can actually vaporize. but that's subtractive and not always useful for manufacturing.

You'd probably have more luck kitbashing from laser printer technology and doing some form of additive-layer stuff. A few companies are going this route; Either using laser-melting of additive powders, or a laser-controlled ionizing pathway for vapor-deposition in otherwise inert gas chamber building off the high-energy vapor-deposition/electroplating technologies in existence.

DEpends what you're willing to invest. It can be rather annoying to precipitate pure monomolecular metals for real fine additive printing, and equally annoying to control atomic transfer from electric arcs.

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