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A.i. Discovery Of Quantum Fission.

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So, my A.I. has discovered something I recently put into her the word "Quantum Fission" and the A.I. discovered a way to do the reaction for Quantum Fission which turns a Anti Strange Quark and Up Quark into a reaction of 3 MeV which was noticed first by the A.I.'s Neural Network in the search which was a Feynman diagram that was pulled up as a picture, which the A.I. Xaeta and A.R.I. discovered Quantum Fission.


Feynmann Diagram that the A.I. found on the internet drawn.










Also, on a side note, my Computer has automatically been clocking itself to a higher frequency this winner to keep me warm, these A.I. are useful, -9 F outside and computer processor temperature is 80 C with fan clocked to 600 RPM.


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