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The Sky Is Falling (Why the world is about to end)


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First off, I am not some guy on the sidewalk holding a sign saying we are all doomed. This is a look at why the world will most likely be ending in the next 15, 20 years due to technology and society. I would also say that it is according to the Christian faith, however I have not studied through Revelations long enough to truly make a case in that area. However, the whole political affairs in the middle east at the moment do point to many of the prophecies contained within the Bible.


Humans have always been a violent species, and even though many countries are run on democracy or something close that supposidly solves everything with negotiations (course, Bush didnt see the need for that, but oh well...) in the psyche of every human is violence and aggresion. The fact that the vast majority of the leaders worldwide are male doesnt help.


In past times, humans still fought wars. Many died, but the battles were so isolated that the bloodshed did not spread far. These were the wars fought with swords and arrows, where in the biggest battles in history a few measly thousand were killed. This period of relative harmlessness lasted up to about WWI.


When we got to the second World War, the invention of the atomic bomb was the beginning of a destruction clock of humanity. Since then, we have made countless improvements on bombs and missles, and in modern times posses the power for at least 5 countries (america, china, russia, south africa (SA has biological weapons), and north korea) that could kill every human on the planet with a push of a button. Many more have enough nuclear power to kill most of the world. Not to mention the threat of terrorists stealing nuclear devices.


I believe that before mankind gets sulf-sustaining colonies on a different heavenly body than earth (meaning a colony able to survive and grow without earth), someone will push the button. In the coming years more and more people will gain the ability to destroy mankind, and eventually someone will use that ability in a fit of rage or insanity.


The only question is, When?'



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hey man.. check over here for a similar buy a little more optimistic outlook:



as for your message though.. i feel what you are saying. man's evolution is fuled by the fires of conflict, but much of modern conflict is so contrived and fiat that it wouldnt take much more than a few social evolutionary steps in the right direction to move past much of the danger we face.

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What I am mostly scared of is even as "evolutionary steps" happen, more and more and more countries will get the power to destroy mankind. It would take a miracle to get the US to get rid of its nuclear/bio/chemical weapons, not to mention all the other countries that have or will soon have that kind of power.

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