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Matter Absorption


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To all those who are knowledgable on Astronomy, a Black Hole is meant to take in everything, can it take in matter as well. If everything is made up of matter then would the Universe not be slowed down a little bit if everything is supposidly going into these holes.


I'm not an Astronomer so if the point I made is ridiculous then that's why? ;)

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The black hole can not absorb everything there is... rather it pulls in those things that are in close enough proximity. Matter or energy that passes within the blackholes event horizon (point of no return) can never return to normal space because it can not escape the black hole's gravitational pull. The further something is from a black hole, the less gravitational influence the hole has over it. At a certain distance, objects orbit the black hole rather than being drawn into it. This is why galaxies are believed to have super massive black holes at their centers. Those black holes feasted on matter that was in close enough proximity to them long ago and are no longer being fueled or growing at the rate that they were in the past. But their emense gravitational influence still affects the rotation of the stars in the galaxy around it, with stars closer to it rotating at a much faster rate relative to those at a distance.

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