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Calling Trekkieess!!!


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I just desperately wanted to know if there are any trekkies out there who would like to share in joy and happinness the wonders of star trek with me. And don't think it has nothing to do with science! Cause it does! See, in STV Neelix has gone off a few times in the Delta Flyer to collect plasma particles, and what is Genesis collecting from the sun? YEAH!


ohhhhh its a lovely thing to be a trekkie ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh i love you babyy




P.S. Now isn't this guy a lovely reason to watch star trek?

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YES! I am a BIG Star Trek fan. I really love ST:V And yes, much of the tech. on star trek is coming true also. I read an article in Pop. Sci that showed designs for devices that warp space almost the same way the ones on ST do! And this was real scientists doing this! And there are also other things very similar to stuff on ST that they are working on. I believe ST is a big influence on us, and gives us ideas that can be used.




P.S. This is a much better reason to watch.


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