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“Process Linked To Gravity Affecting Mass-Energy”


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Better See the attached file (on message june 23) for a detailed description of the hypothesis


The proposal assumes that the distortion of space-time due to relative velocity (Special Relativity), and the distortion of space-time produced by gravitational fields (General Relativity) are linked to changes of state that affect to mass-energy.

    The hypothesis proposes the existence of a process linked to gravity, this phenomenon would affect mass-energy. It would be required to add an additional condition (being a more restrictive scenario) keeping the field equations that define space-time curvature, but by adding the condition linked to the proposed phenomenon, the trajectory that would follow mass-energy in that curved space-time, changes with respect to the established by the officially accepted model. The effect is negligible if the distortion of space-time caused by a gravitational field does not have a significant value. The hypothesis allows to calculate mathematically the discrepancy that would exist with respect to the current model. In case of being correct, the proposal would have important implications in diverse areas of science and its effect would be determinant in the study of black holes or questions related to Cosmology.

 The Hypothesis adds a new condition, so it can not be deduced from the currently established model. Methodology tries to better clarify the reasons or arguments that point towards that additional condition.

The proposed process is the one that fits the behaviour of the Physical System to the features it shows considering the approach taken at this paper. This approach implies an invariant value: ndt=n´

The consequence of the process will be a force opposed to the free fall, which would be negligible insofar distortion of time does not reach a siginificant value.

process linked to gravity.pdf

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