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Hey everybody, newbie here. I am going on 38 and have a degree in IT back in 2009, I just lost my only job in the IT field and cant find anything else. I am having my mid-life crisis and I am totally lost and don't know what to do. I am going to get my CDL and drive a big rig. I leave this weekend for a CDL training which.


I always liked geology and enjoy watching TV shows/documentary about it. I am a nerd, geek and movie enthusiast. I am thinking about going back to college for geology but just scared too because of money and not having a full time job for 4 years. I have some money saved up but really don't what to use it like that. Now if I would do trucking for a year that should pay for my local college and also have a year to think about everything.


I am also not sure which way to go for geology, I really like the science said but don't know what the job market is out there for it and don't know if I am smart enough for that. I like Volcanology, I also think I would like hydrology.


Please let me know what you guys think.




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