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Can I Get Feedback- Is This Explanation Of Qm Valid?

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this is a video on Quantum Mechanics that aims to familiarize people with general interests in physics, with some of the main ideas in quantum mechanics.
can I get feedbacks on it, I don't have any subscribers at all, and I'd like feedbacks to know how the video could be evaluated. 
So that's why I decided to share it here.

I want to know whether the way I discussed the topic made sense and whether it was interesting or not, Because I made my own research about it and there hasn't been an instructor along the way, so I wasn't only wondering whether people will understand me properly, I was also wondering whether I myself understand it to a good extent.? 

Note: it's my very first time working with the technical part and I didn't have time to do much refinement(It's a competition and there is a deadline)
Also, the video had a maximum limit so I had to be brief at some points. 
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Welcome to hypograpy, Elia!


I found your video sensible and easy to understand. It’s a short essay on several extensive and controversial subjects, but I think your position is a reasonable and well-thought-out one.


The only obvious technical error I spotted was referring to the Planck constant as an integer. It’s not an integer, or any other pure number, but a quantity with dimensions of energy * time (M L2 T-1). If you think about it, this makes sense, because as you show in your video, it’s used in the famouns Plank-Einstein relation to convert between the frequency or wavelength and the energy of a photon.

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