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Hello, My Name Is Boblalux


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My name is Bob, am dual citizen  English-Swiss,  but as I lived for 10 years in the S of France in a small village called La Luxceriere, I decided to call myself boblalux.

I studied mineralogy/chemistry/geology at the Univ of Basel in Switzerland, but am now am retired (72 years young). I worked for many years in the laboratories of international mining companies in Botswana (geological exploration), and in Tsumeb (Namibia) of copper, lead, zinc, cadmium fame, then ISCOR S Africa's semi-state iron & steel organisation in Pretoria, then back to Namibia for Rossing's uranium mine, and finally at BP's Research Centre at Sunbury-on-Thames for the Minerals Division until its dissolution in 1990.  Finally in Switzerland, in a well-known soil remediation company, analysing and  cleaning up and washing toxic soils prior to building (mainly oil contaminated, but also chemicals from galvanic companies, and mercury).  I am now retired and live about 50km W of Strasbourg.  My hobbies are paper modelling of airplanes and steam engines, and I also play the piano (very amateurishly).

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