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Basic Need For A True Vrmmorpg

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The materials needed to create a VRMMORPG aren't very far fetched anymore. Take Emotivs Epoc for example. With only 14 eeg locations there aren't enough to create a FULL game, but there is a good opportunity to start with it.

Here's a link to there website




Anyways, I'll start making a list of the primary parts needed. Tell me if there is anything you think should be added. I will be making a more detailed list over time. Also, there are different ways you could do things, like for instance instead of writing a scent to the brain, you could more simply have "smell sprayer" which is basically like modified deoderant cans that might spray tiny amounts under the nose. I'll write another topic on stimulating the senses instead of writing to the brain.



1. Some kind of non intrusive brainwave reader.


2. Either a "smell sprayer" or a device that can overwrite/ write signals to the brain


3. Either a suit that can increase and decrease pressure all over the body ( to a limit of course ) that could act as a "feeling stimulator". To create different textures, we could possibly have a substance that hardens or liquidates using electronic pulses? That's a little bit vaguely described, as I couldn't find many references, but it seems possible. Mainly something in that ball park. Another option is actually writing to the brain, but over long term use who knows what's would happen.


4. Another big problem is cancelling the muscle signals to the body. Because nobody wants to actually have to walk around I the real world when there playing a dive game. One of the possibilities is actually cancelling the messages from the brain. But a major downside of using this is of something went wrong, you wouldn't have any motor functions, making you incapable of movement. One would have to use an all direction treadmill or something that held them in place, which has obvious side effects.


5. To create sight, there are two options that seemed to be within our modern day technologies. One would

Be to use a normal VR headset that moves the view using motor function signals that it is reading from the brain, allowing for a decent VR experience.

Another slightly out of the box is bringing the user to a state of mind where the body thinks it is sleeping, and doesn't actually read the motor function messages coming from the brain while the user is still awake, making it a perfect condition for VR that is simalar to the VR in SAO. Though this state hasn't really been researched to a large extent, and there is not a known "quick way" to achieve the state and requires a lot of practice. I am not well educated in the Pratice though

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