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WANTED: a rational explination for a recent discovery.


Source of Discovery: Christian Bible --Douay-Rheims version of the Septugaunt published in 1582 AD, the latter having been compiled from manuscripts dating to the early centuries AD.


Your conclusion can be based upon this book being the work of 'god' or of man sans god, but in either case, a rational explination is sought because one fact is certain -- this book WAS written by someone...or thing.


Two points of math fact to bear in mind when forming a conclusion:

1. The law of large numbers -- is a theorem that describes the result of performing the same experiment a large number of times to obtain the average  which will be close to the expected value, and will tend to become closer as more trials are performed.

2.  Probability -- is the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.

     Ex:  the probability of rolling a 6  on a die ten times in a row is astronomical  due to the odds (5-to-1) (1 in 6 )  and gravity, friction and inertia forever changing the outcome of each roll.




Genesis 6:15  gives the dimensions of Noahs ark for which the ratio is 5/3  (or 3/5 depending upon where the numerator is placed) which is equivilliant to 1.6666..ad infinitum  or .6


     30 x 50 x 300  cubits       30/50 = .6       50/30 = 1.66666....    300/50 = 6    50/300= 1.666..


Genesis 7:6 -- "...six hundred years old.."    600 = 6+0+0=6

Genesis 7:20 -- "..fifteen cubits higher than the water.."    15= 1+5= 6

Genesis 7:24 --  "..water prevailed upon the earth one hundred and fifty days.."  150 = 1+5+0=6


    (adding two or more numbers in a whole number to obtain a single digit sum is a mathematical formula known as sigma)


Exodus, chpt 25  gives the geometrical dimensions of the ark of the covenant for which the ratio is 5/3 or 3/5.     2 1/2  x   1 1/2  cubits    5/2  x  3/2 = 5/2 x 2/3 = 5/3 = 1.66666 ad infinitum.


Luke  chpt 1 -- the archangel announced to Mary that she would give birth to the son of god and that her cousin Elizabeth was already pregnant.

    Luke 1:26 -- "...and in the sixth month.." (Mary)

    Luke 1:36 -- "... and this is the sixth month.."  (Elizabeth)


John chpt 2 -- describes the wedding feast of Cana whereby six purification jars were used to turn water into wine.


Mark  chpt 15 -- the son of god was crucified on the sixth day and hung upon the cross for six hours.


Matt  chpt  17 -- after six days of ministry, Jesus transfigured before 3 of his chose disciples --

     " his face shined like the sun, and his clothes became white as light."


Revelation,  chpt 21  -- gives an elaborate description of  a post-apocalyptic city analogous to the bride of Christ.  " Its radiance was like a precious stone, like jasper, clear as crystal."   Its described as a cube ( 6 sides)  1500 miles in length, width, and height.   1500 = 1+5+0+0 =6.


    Theres more  but the above was sufficient  for us to establish that the number 6 was deliberately incorporated into this book.  The question -- Why -- is raised because the number 6 appears too often. We also noticed something else -- the direct reference to physical light and diamond in several verses, both old and new testaments. Three reasons gave cause to this investigation:


1.  number six is seen more often than any other number.

2.  its an aliquot number ( a perfect number which is the sum of its parts  1+2+3     1x2x3 )

3.  most importantly, and quite interesting I might add, is the fact that whoever wrote this book knew, or had knowledge of, the connection between number 6 and light, radiation, and diamonds.  Its seen in Matt. 17:1-2; and also Exodus 3:2 (" a bush on fire that does not burn"),  Exodus 34:29  ("Moses face illuminated..."), and many others.


     And so we took our investigation to the next level. You may choose to use our findings to reach your own conclusion, or you may dismiss ours and formulate your own hypothesis. In any event, a rational explination satisfactory to the reasoning mind has not been obtained as of yet. Whether these events in the Bible actually occurred in the literal sense like some ET appearing to man, or the 'son of god', or whether its all metaphorical fiction, is irrelevant. The point of FACT is that an aversion to light, radiation and carbon (diamond) was made over 1000 years ago by the profound appearance of the one number which was tied to these things by science in the 20th century.  A thorough study of this book is conclusive in showing that this correlative link could not have been accidental.


      Our Findings to Date

On the periodic table of elements the atomic number of carbon is 6. Carbon, "the building block of life", in its strongest, purest form is diamond, a form of crystal and the most effective conductor of light.   Carbon has a cubic (6), hexagonal (6), or tetrahadronal molecular structure.

Cobalt, atomic no. 27 (3 cubed)  is the rarest transitional element of the known radioactive elements. Its radioisotope  Co60  is the strongest of cobalts radioisotopes with a half life of approx. 6 years.


Recall Rev. chpt 21 -- "its radiance was...like jasper, clear as crystal."   The writer says 'like' jasper but as clear as crystal. Jasper is cloudy, transluscent gemstone  with a hardness rating of 7. Diamond is clear with a rating of 10. 'Radiance', again, infers radiation.


'Coincidence is ruled out by the laws of probability. A conspiracy with an ulterior motive, i.e., a means to an end, is plausible, and our first choice. Theres little question that the writer had knowledge of modern science but chose to encrypt this knowledge. The number 6, albeit tied to these sciences in ancient text, is also tied to things which aren't (or seemingly so) connected. The object is draw the correlation and connect this mystery in its entirety. Is this some kind of premonition? Ive never totally dismissed the idea of precognition and/or time travel. I'm just not a complete believer until greater advancements are reached in this area of study.  Precognition, on the other hand, IS very real, Ive witnessed first hand the results of real precogs.


Heres a few hashtags to juggle around in your mind while contemplating a solution:


light-transmissive data     supercomputers interfaced with type IIB boron-coated diamonds     radiactive       lasers       gamma     nuclear    cubic    infinity   (1.6666666666....)    


Have a nice day




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Welcome to hypography, cobalt! :) Please feel free to start a topic in the introductions forum to tell us something about yourself.


Source of Discovery: Christian Bible --Douay-Rheims version of the Septugaunt published in 1582 AD, the latter having been compiled from manuscripts dating to the early centuries AD.

Do you mean the entire Douay-Rheims Bible, which includes the all books of the Old and New Testament, or only the section corresponding to the Septuagint, which includes only the first 5 books of the Old Testament?


1. number six is seen more often than any other number.

I don’t think this is correct.


According to this website, of the 788,258 words in the King James Bible, the frequency of the words for numbers are: ONE – 1990; TWO – 819; THREE – 503; SEVEN – 440; FIVE – 319; FOUR – 316; TEN – 251; SIX – 213; EIGHT – 104; NINE – 63.


This rank of “six” in this is not much different than in the COCA contemporary English corpus’s. Of its 533,788,932 words, the distribution is: one – 1485466; two – 667420; three – 350068; four – 199187; five – 166641; six – 119217; seven – 68608; eight – 66614; ten – 53604; nine – 43661.


At a glance, what stands out is that the number seven occurs more frequently in the Bible than in contemporary English.

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The number six is seen more often than any other number in the books for which this research was conducted in the Douay-Rheims. I should have been more specific, however, this is an insignificant point in relation to the discovery. The primary point of fact is reason # 3 which gave cause to this investigation: whoever wrote this (these) books knew, or had knowledge of, the connection between number six and light, radiation, and diamonds. Whether the number six is seen more often than other numbers, or even its being an aliquot number notwithstanding, the ramifications of this discovery, should the question --why -- be answered, are astounding. Theres no denying the fact that this number was deliberately placed or encoded to coincide with light (radiation), and diamond (carbon) based solely upon its being seen in those verses and sections which include some aversion to one or another of these.


That being said, I'm not really interested in discussing unrelated, irrelevant facts about myself in an introductions forum. I don't see the logic in such. Our interest here is strictly scientific-work related. Thank you nevertheless.

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