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Help With The Conflict Of One Person Having Two Seperate Accounts


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I have just discovered my previous/original account still exists:


mother engine

Member Since 23 Jan 2005

Offline Last Active Apr 12 2007 08:23 AM


Is it in any way, shape or form possible to link my current account with this previous one?


And though my understanding of certain things has changed a bit over the years, I definitely would not want to have the original account lost.


Help; anyone?

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Sorry for the lateness of this reply.


I can merge you current "motherengine" account with your old "mother engine" one.  All of your posts will then appear under the name "motherengine".


The old "mother engine" account will disappear, so be sure you have any information from its profile page you want to keep.


Do you want me to do this?

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