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Taking The Plunge And Saying Harlow...


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I just wanted to introduce myself which is something really unusual for me, (I must be finally growing up) :)


I live in NZ and for the past 9 months I've been creating jewelry with the focus on Magnetic Hematite for pain relief and health enhancement and since 2015 threw itself at us, I decided it's time to add a few more things, so I've plunged in and bought Brilliant Cut gemstones from around the world. This past week while doing market research for my management studies, my focus shifted to handcrafted diamonds.. and this is where I found Hypography. I've already had a rummage through and found some interesting topics which over time I'll pluck some courage to throw my 1.5 cents worth into the ranks ;-)


Hypography... This word really grabbed me because I do a bit of Pyrography and the wheels started turning in my brain and.. here I am...


Hi one and all, feel free to leave suggestions of great topics to follow or some really awesome photo's from around the world, greatly considered viewing


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