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In this particular graph the point emphasized at the end point is much lower then the overall trend on the graph.

Have you explored the sea levels at the times of high temperature? Have you considered that temperature likely played a key role in the greatest of the five major extinctions? Have you contemplated the fact that there is no evidence that changes of temperature proceeded at the rate we are seeing today?


If you were to apply a trend line to the highest points of this particular graph, at "present"  (indicated by this graph), the overall trend line is higher then the "present" time in this particular analysis and graph

Why do you think that is relevant? Our ancestors did not have a global civilisation, with many major cities and a substantial proportion of the population  vulnerable to sea level rises, or to shifting climatic zones, with their impact on agriculture.


In the attached graph, if you establish a trend line, the overall trend is down.  If we were to start at the starting point "a" and continue to the end point "z" of this graph, we can all agree it declines.  In respective to this time period shown.

Are you familiar with the concept of cherry picking?


If you chart this particular graph (chart for an average mean / median) it declines over time from the initial starting point.

We are not concerned with long term changes, wherein plate tectonics and their consequent impacts on ocean currents allowed the Milankovitch cycle to initiate a series of ice ages and interglacials. Man is a child of the ice age: we don't like it hot. We are concerned with a (geologically) almost instantaneous, rapid increase in temperature, directly attributable to anthropogenic green house gases.


And finally, if you take a look at the attached graph, if you chart an average over the course of a graph, at the end point, we can all agree it is below the average of this graph as presented

1. Which HADcrut data is this?

2. Please stop telling me what we can all agree on. I don't agree with egregious cherry picking, irrelevant information and simplistic hypothecating.

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