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Fertilization Of A Chicken Egg


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the  sperm   after it penetrates  the ovo , I asume  the combination  the DNA takes place in the nucleus of the ovo .

 My question is : does the fertilized cimponebt  ( new Combined  DNA ) starts  th gastrulation in the  nucleus in the egg or does it migrate  into the cytoplasm  to grow.

Sorry if  I have not exressed  my self well >

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Welcome to hypography, arauca! :) Please feel free to start a topic in the introductions forum to tell us something about yourself.


the sperm after it penetrates the ovo , I asume the combination the DNA takes place in the nucleus of the ovo .

During fertilization, the genomes from the sperm and from the ovum are each encased and separated from the ovum’s cytoplasm in special nucli called pronuclei. Hours after the sperm and ovum have fused the membranes of both pronuclei break down, and their genomes, called during this phase chromosomes, combine to create the child’s genome, assisted by complicated microtubule structures.


My question is : does the fertilized cimponebt ( new Combined DNA ) starts th gastrulation in the nucleus in the egg or does it migrate into the cytoplasm to grow.

Both the initial combining of sperm and egg chromosomes, and subsequent division and recombination of chromosomes during mitosis, occur after the nuclear nuclear envelopes have disintegrated. Chromosomes don’t migrate from their nuclei into the cytoplasm – the nucleus ceases to exist.


There are many good online texts on this, among them the Wikipedia articles oocyte activation and mitosis.

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