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Hello all! I'm not sure how active these forums are, but I remember being a member nearly 6 years ago (although perhaps the board domain changed/administrators changed). That being said, I can't remember my login information from when I was 15 so I'm going to simply start anew. :rolleyes:


I'm a Senior at Montana State studying Philosophy and Political Science. My original basis was Physics but after 2 years of hell and no clearly defined career path, I decided to become a lawyer - or at least begin a path that would lead me to such a goal.


I'm excited to be a part of this community once again. Hopefully my ideas have matured since my early teenage years, but I suppose we shall see :P





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Welcome back! Good to hear school’s going well for you, even if the wrath of the patron gods of Physics drove you to (gasp!) Philosophy and Political science and (double gasp!) lawyering. ;)


The forums are still pretty active, about at the level where it’s possible to read every post. Some of the folk around 6 years ago (lot too long after I joined) are still active, some not, and there are lots of folks you’ve not met before.


The major change in the forums is a swap-out of the engine used to present them, from vBulletin to IP.Board, so all the features are slightly different than before, especially the reputation system. There’ve been some shifts in the running of the site, but gradual ones, with no buy-outs of the domain names or content.


Our focus and intended feel is the same, though: have fun discussing science while keeping a bit of a rein on things to keep the science based in reality as we best know it. In short, be open, but not so open that the racket of brains falling out is deafening :)


If you can remember you old member name (try tracking down some of you old posts), we can merge you accounts to connect you to your old history, both posts and personal.

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I can't seem to remember my old username, although I certainly remember being an impatient little s*** :unsure: Sorry for any past stress I may have caused. I also remember having some of the best discussions of my life on these forums. I hope such a trend may continue. Oddly enough, I remember you CraigD. The three people I remember best are Tormod, Buffy, and yourself. Are you all still active?


Incidentally, I can't promise I'm always scientifically practical [blame the "(gasp!) Philosophy" ;) ] I will do my best to keep a rein on things though.


I suppose my most pressing concern at the moment is trying to figure out how to change the forum theme to a darker background. I find that to be much easier on the eyes. I hate to say it, but my technical knowledge specializes in airplanes, motor vehicles, and a shallow understanding of Classical and Quantum... very shallow.

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