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Where can I learn to use multiquotes


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Hello Where can I learn to use "multiquotes"?

To use multiquote, click the multiquote button on each post you want to include in a quote (it should turn green to show each one selected), then click the Add Reply button on the top or bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken to the reply screen, with all the selected posts as quotes pre-filled in the input box.


You can enter your text between each quote, or after the last. Either can

make for a long string of quotessome very long quotes, so you may want to shorten the quoted text before posting.


You can get general help on how to use forum features via the search box in the upper right of the page. Click the Advanced search button and select Help Files section, or select it from the dropdown just to the left of the hourglass button, then enter a search term and click the search button.


Searching for help on Multiquote should take you here.

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