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Two New Physical Laws

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I am going to make a claim, pure and simple:


Two NEW (overlooked) fundamental laws of nature explain the entire universe.


The first new law of the fundamental laws of nature is;


1) All mass and energy decay from electromagnetic fields into monopole gravitational waves. This results in the continuous actions of time and space.


The second new law of the fundamental laws of nature has to do with how waves interact.


2). When continuously emitted in phase waves collide, as with all monopole gravitational waves, the waves align or stack as a CONTACT force. This contact force is the action of wavefront formation. According to Newton's third law of motion which applies to contact forces, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". So using logic, If the action of continuously emitted in-phase waves from DIFFERENT SOURCES when they collide to form wavefronts is to stack and align creating a NEW center of the area within the 360 degree wavefront and since it is FACT that the frequency, wavelength and speed DO NOT change from the originating sources the reaction to wavefront formation is that the sources also change position and come together at the area of the center of the new wavefront. The action is emitted waves form wavefronts, the reaction is gravity.



In summary, time, space and gravity are three actions of one process. Mass and energy decay as measured by the change in time and space and when emitted waves collide they form a reaction to wavefront formation resulting in gravitation.

There are NO fundamental particles in at the end of the process because everything eventually becomes space.

As a puddle of water evaporates creating humidity until all the puddle is used, alll mass and energy evaporate into the gravitational wave which is continuously forming wavefronts, creating space itself.


If you consider the implications of these two NEW FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICAL LAWS OF NATURE you will can mechanically understand how the entire universe works.

Subjects such as relative time and space, dark energy, dark matter, forward time, black hole evaporation, everything can be understood in only three dimensions. I Would love to say case closed, problem solved but I am not so sure that it will be easy to change someone's mind that is in denial because they have their own theory which only scratches the surface on answering the most basic questions. My theory answers everything and that is why it is correct.

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