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Asif's Theory Of Charge Energy Equivalence

Asif ali

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Hello every body, this is breaking news for all!!!

Here is little bit introduction of of my theory.

After 107 years of Einstien's theory, I have proposed a new theory of charge energy equivalence . Actually charge energy equivalence describe that what is the reason of existence of Electric field of charge particle or any charged object in the space and magnetic field of moving charge. According to my theory, the cause of Electric field of particle say electron is (qc^2).It might be the due to the charge space-time distortion as Einstien said that gravity is produced due to mass space-time distortion. I have proved that in SIunits, charge(q) is also a variable quantity as Einstien proved that mass, length and time are variable. In the same sense, charge is also a variable quantity which depends either on the velocity of observer or of itself in the frame of reference.Considering this relativistic effect of charge, we can say that the Cause of Electromagnetic force, Coulombs force, Lorentz force is actually (qc^2) which i have proved mathematically. It also challenges to the whole Relativistic Electromagnetism and Quantum physics...!

please Give me your new opinion on my theory....Thanks

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