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The Truth About Agendas


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Agendas are like dorsal orifices in that in politically and socially correct circles, we are encouraged to pretend not to have either. Being human, I have both. The integration of physics and theology is my favorite topic (but not an agenda).


My perspective is that to effectively integrate physics and theology it is necessary to begin with the assumption that current beliefs and theories about each of these subjects suffer from at least one deeply fundamental, core-level error.


Most of the good stuff I learned about physics and other science branches came from men I worked with who were occasionally willing to blusliht after work over beers or martinis. Retirement has curtailed my access to such individuals. I am here in hopes of re-engaging good conversations with real blusliht and virtual beer.


I promise not to pester serious scientists unless they need it, and to limit most of my posts to the Alternative Theories section, maybe experimenting on Theology.

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welcome greylorn I hope have many virtual beers and lok forward to seeing your thoughts posted here. These are some links I think you might like to add too!


Does a shadow have mass? (http://scienceforums...__fromsearch__1)


Explaining God with Physics (http://scienceforums...__fromsearch__1)


The Origin of Universe: Solving the mystery (http://scienceforums...ng-the-mystery/)

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