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Falsification Of My Affirmations


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I stumbled on this website when I was searching for images of the moon-landing that weren't taken by NASA. I'm a pretty crazy conspiracy theorist, but I am bedazzled and enchanted by spirituality in relation with science. The more I examine the connection, the more I believe there is one. I turned seventeen a few months ago, and since then I've been seeking a community that I can expose my internal dialogue to without accusations of insanity or inanity.


I'm just here to debate, and to see if my points can really stand to reason. A man is not an island, and although I live on one I know I need the company and intellectual stimulation of others. Without reasoned argument, there can be no progress, and I would hate to become one of those people you see shouting at the world and raising the ire of their fellows.


My favourite topics of conversation are quantum physics, chaos theory, all areas of philosophy and ethics, theology, psychology and history. To be honest I find it hard to separate them, they all interweave and inform each other, and the connection is human beings, who I find fascinating to explore and communicate with. I am just so overjoyed that I found this place, my cup runneth over as it were.


tbh i just love talking about stuff.


<3 peace out brohemoth

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