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How Do I Contact A Moderator/administrator?


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Help, i would like to contact a moderator–can anyone help?

You just did :)


You can contact us in several ways.


To report a naughty post, click on the "report" button at the lower left corner of the post. This will alert all moderators assigned to that forum, so will likely get the quickest response.


To contact a specific moderator or administrator, find them in a forum or by name via the "members" link at the top of each page, click their name to go view their profile, and click the "send me a message" button on the left of that page. Since all we mods and admins are unpaid part-timers, it may take a while to get a response this way.


Or you can contact us publicly by posting in the Help and Advice forum, as you've done. If you'd like, click a "Reply" or the "Add Reply" button on this page, and tell us with what you need help.

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