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Are The Recent Quakes/volcano The Feared Lhc Consequence?

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Turtle … you just told me to shut-up, go away, and take the theory that annoys you with me. However, other than your personal visceral dislike of words/logic, you give no reason why the Dominium Model is not correct or worth considering.


let me spell it out for you. not only is your model unsupported word-salad, it is unwelcome here.


Let me remind you that your emotional ad-Hominum response echoes many sentiments of the past: ptolomites vs Galileo, or the reception given Maxwell or even to Einstein. Until you supply evidence/reasoning your reaction puts me in very fine company... thanx, I guess.


Please set aside the ancillary barbs and please address the model itself. Science is based on fact and observation. Opinions are worthless without those two prerequisites. Which brings me back to my original point: this upgrade of having a voting button where folks can anonymously vote/cheer/boo how they feel about a post (without supplying any evidence or reasoning) is the antithesis of real scientific methodology


PS: Please refrain from inserting your cutsy turtle icons, or any other for that matter. Aside from being offensive, they detract from evidence or points that you are trying to make.


Please get back to the real discussion on this thread. Do you, or do you not, accept the statistical analysis completed by IrishWeather.com indicating that 2011 is on its way to having more earthquakes than ever before? Can you admit, or do you deny that also, that in March this thread made the prediction of increased earthquakes?


As far as the Dominium Model is concerned... please address the evidence that you find not supporting it on an appropriate thread, say http://scienceforums.com/topic/18475-the-dominium-model-part-2/

****Inserted edit: One's gotta laugh to see that Turtle's "response" was to "vote down" this post.

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A picture speaks 1000 words, let's try 21 pictures. The linked article discusses and documents 25 sinkholes http://truthfrequencynews.com/?p=4665


Only four of these occurred before the start-up of LHC… while 21 occurred in the short two years since start-up.


Although I never specifically spelled out sinkholes as being a result of the worst-case scenario, i.e., where the Dominium Model is correct; LHC does succeed in generating man’s first (and last) black-hole specimen; and the Earth is subsequently compacted down to annihilation—this reported phenomenon is 100% in-line with the predictions of this thread.


Not only that, but I would also posit that if the point-of-no-return has been crossed by the reckless cocksure tinkerers at CERN, then the number of sinkholes will most definitely grow in both frequency and severity, probably in an exponential fashion.


Oh well, if the worst-case scenario is correct then … fasten your seatbelts folks, it’s gunna be a bumpy ride.


Personally, I am preparing spiritually. As I see it, that’s a win-win no matter what the case. Regardless of CERN or models, there’s always benefit in a little self-purification. If the worst-case condition has been breached, then I strongly advise any/all to reconnect with the-One-God while there is still time. (Be aware also that scriptures specifically foretell that God will neglect all attempts at repentance after a certain point in time during the manifestation of the End of Days, i.e., no time like the present to go to church, mosque, temple, etc.) I am also saying this because Sunday, 7/31, will be the last time I look at this website until Ramadan is over and I return from umrah in Mecca. No offense or result of anyone, but Ramadan is all about purifying and directing one’s thoughts to God and only to God.

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Ramadan is almost over, and in anticipation of further claims of doom and gloom, I wish to offer a site I found recently that accurately records whether or not the LHC has brought upon the end times. I'm not sure what sensors these people use to make their measurements, but since their track record thus far is flawless, I think the results speak for themselves.




Feel free to refresh your browser as needed for the latest results, and may His Noodly Appendage be upon you.

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Funny! Especially when you view source and see the “full refund” email-in refund guarantee for if it’s wrong :)


I’ve been bracing for a new deluge of warning that “mini black holes from the LHC are eating the Earth” alarms after the localized 5.3 M quake in Trinity Colorado was followed about 12 hours later by a 5.8 felt throughout nearly the whole US mid-Atlantic. Though they were to be unrelated (the Colorado quake was most likely due to abandoned mines colling) after witnessing the impressive building-shaking of the 5.8 M quake on Tuesday, and checking the news to discover the Colorado quake the day before, my thoughts immediately sprang to "uh-uh! maybe Hasanuddin was right!" :)


The "LHC will destroy the Earth" crowd seem puzzlingly silent this week, though.

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