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My name is Arthur Faram representing The Faram Foundation. We have recently posted a new website online at: http://www.thefaramfoundation.com . This site should prove very interesting, if not exciting for anyone interested in Ancient History or Archaeology.


This emerging science has been proven to be accurate and revealing.




Arthur Faram

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Welcome to hypograpy, Arthur :)


We've discussed geoglyphs a few times in the forums, so you may find some old members (or attract some new) interested in them here.


We're a discussion forum, not an advertising site, so please don't just promote you website here. From what I've read so far of your paper, Geoglyphology, A New Tool For The Archaeological Disciplines, you have many well-thought out ideas to present - how we like to do this at hypography is pick one discussion-worthy topic at a time, and discuss each in its own thread, with lots of lead-in by the original poster.


Standard note about hypograpy's site rules. You seem adept at citations, so I think will find them easy to follow, but we're unusual among web forums as a whole (less so science forums) in our "back up your claims" requirement. As I'm sure you're aware, geoglyphs research has a checkered scientific history (Erich von Däniken, etc.), so avoiding unsupported claims is especially important with this subject.


Feel free to share a bit of personal history in this intro thread - while science-focused, we like to put personalities behind our posts. Science is, after all, a human endeavor, and intensely social.

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