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International Cultural Studies Or Anthropology?

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Is there a difference? I really like the idea of Anthropology, but the college i want to go to doesn't offer anthropology as a major, but it does have International Cultural Studies, are they the same thing? if not what is International Cultural Studies ? and what kind of jobs could i get with a degree in it?

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Anthropology is divided into two major branches. First is physical anthropology it studies the human body beyond medical care and services. Physical anthropologists often find employment in museums, archaeological excavations, and forensic units. Even in manufacturing in determining the risks of injury to the human form, as in repetitive injury cases and in solving/preventing injuries.


It is in forensics units that it really shines, determining if the bones are human or other. In many cases determining how the bones lived, and died. People with a background in physical anthropology do many facial reconstructions that are used to identify the dead.


The other major branch of anthropology is cultural and I for one would consider International Cultural Studies as a branch of this anthropology. Archaeology is designated as a sub-branch of cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropologists find employment in museums, and archaeological excavations studying the culture of the emerging site. I know of cultural anthropologists that have found employment in hospitality (hotels) management and in hospitals human resource departments anything their interest and skills leads them into after graduating with their degree. Especially if the field deals with humans and their cultural backgrounds this opens the field of employment for them into wildly different fields.


Both branches of anthropology lead into teaching, and writing as well.


I hope you found the answers to your questions before this. I take the time to answer them because I often get asked these questions about anthropology. I feel that any field that helps us to learn more and even accept people from other cultures is a skill that is greatly needed in our rapidly shrinking world and cultural anthropology is one of the best fields for learning this skill.


The best of luck to you.

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