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The Book « Microcosm And Space Geometry


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Quantum theory


The Book « Microcosm and space geometry»



The quantum physics it not for average minds? It is such abstract science for academicians? And what such, in essence, the quantum physics? "Quantum" in a literal translation from Latin language «qauntum» – means how many (something), a share, a part, a portion. And "physics" means from the Greek language «physis» – the Nature. That is it «the nature of portions» or the nature consisting of portions. Officially in a science it is considered that on separate parts the matter and its mysterious derivatives – radiations, fields can share only. And the space-time is a continuous environment in which there is some quantized energy. Informally in the physics it is possible to assume, as the space-time itself can share for the smallest portions – space-time quanta and through which radiations and fields in space are transmitted, breaking thus into portions of energy – usual quanta.

The second informal interpretation of the quantum theory also is considered in this book.

Why the informal? If this sight at the World proves to be true in experimental researches in that case, materialism as the doctrine in a science will appear destroyed.

The book is written in clear and accessible language. Opinion of the author: if the scientist can't state clearly and accurately a theme of the researches – that it and itself precisely doesn't know, than he is engaged.

In the book there are formulas which can be passed at perusal. After perusal of all text to them it is possible to return later and to check up them on correctness.

The microcosm and space geometry is a book about a role of quanta of space-time in creation of a material world and a space curvature nearby matter. (3228 кB)


More detailed information here: http://issuu.com/polevikov/docs/qtos_pdf

If problems are, other address: http://www.docme.ru/doc/1410/quantum-theory-of-space-time


the address can be copied


It is recommended to download

I announce the publication of my latest book "Microcosm and Space Geometry" on http://www.unibook.com.

You can read an excerpt on http://www.unibook.com/en/Andrey-Polevikov/Microcosm-and-Space-Geometry under "Other" and buy it on line.


Kind regards,

Andrey Polevikov

Categories of the scientific information


The first - the theory is proved by mathematical calculations,

by experimental data also it is used in practice


The second - the theory is confirmed by calculations and in experiment


The third - the theory has only mathematical acknowledgement (it is already achieved)


The fourth - a hypothesis or the theory has no neither experimental, nor mathematical acknowledgement

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