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I am a scientist, and I appreciate collection of article made by hypograhpy. It is the best collection of such articles at internet. In this collection, I feel a spirit of Carl Sagan in it. It is a good, productive spirit founded in intention od exploring of universe, and not waiting help from universe or some higher developed inteligence race.

Prof. Petar Bosnic Petrus

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Wery dear Jenifer.

I am to old for you. 54. Astrophysicist? OK. Only important thing in science is to be creative. Unfortunately we are bearing with that gift or (fortunately) without it.

Field of my work? Creating new fields of working for future physicists.

More about me at:




By the way, antigravity does not exist. I am in fact talking about gravifugal force.

It is great pleasure to talk with you.


P.S. Your sentence is really true.

- me

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Let us start our disscusion.

I am an inventor of gravifugal flying craft. At the begining of my book "New physics" (Amazon com.) I stated:


"This flying craft has been conceived as a safe, low-cost means of transport in outer space, as well as in inter-continental and inter-urban distances.

At the risk of being hastily regarded as an ignorant dreamer (or even a charlatan!) by the great majority of my colleagues, I nevertheless maintain that this type of flying craft will serve not only as a means of transport, but also as a basis for construction of floating family houses, buildings, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, and indeed, of floating cities, islands, etc.

Furthermore, I am convinced that the future, MATURE form of civilisation of the human race will not be built on the surface of this planet, but rather that it will float in the atmosphere, and in the immediate space surrounding planet Earth. The material civilisation of today, in which we take so much pride, is but a passing lower stage in the development of that civilisation.


It will be a "normal" or "natural" way of human life. development of civilisation is nothing but "normalisation" of way of human life.


Do you believe that it is possible?


Referent article:



Petar Bosnic Petrus

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